AliceX: The Future Is Here, and It Is X-Rated

Executive Summary

The VR (virtual reality) revolution is here, and AliceX is at the forefront, combining tech and sex for a completely immersive experience. AliceX is an easy-to-use VR cam service, providing adults anywhere an instant and intimate connection with beautiful, live models – the only thing needed is a smart phone and a VR headset. The future of sex has arrived with AliceX, as the site transports users into a virtual room where they are face-to-face with real, passionate women.

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Our Product

Users are able to access the service directly from a web browser, so there is no need to install an app or additional software. Visitors to the site have access to live public and premium XXX cam shows with some of the sexiest women in the world. Appearing right before users’ eyes, the cam models are able to tease viewers and pleasure themselves before an array of virtually generated backgrounds and scenes thanks to AliceX’s VR technology.

AliceX is currently compatible for Android users of high-end smartphones, like Samsung S6 Edge, S7, Nexus 5, and LG 4. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are supported via WebVR. Apple iPhones will be supported in the near future. Once they have a smartphone in hand, users only need a VR headset, whether they want to spend money on a higher end headset, like the Samsung Gear VR or the Zeiss VR One, or take advantage of a cheap cardboard headset available to anyone courtesy of AliceX.

The streams are HD quality; there are no downloads required. The latency is below 400 milliseconds, which means it doesn’t even take half a second for the model to hear the user and vice versa. This speed even beats Skype.

The future of sex has arrived with AliceX, as the site transports users into a virtual room where they are face-to-face live with a real, passionate woman. It’s more than virtual reality; it’s virtual ecstasy.

Our Mission

We are a young and innovative team, and with AliceX we are changing the face of adult entertainment by using cutting edge Virtual Reality technology to create a more intimate sexual experience. With AliceX, we are leading the way - creating an experience that brings the user face to face with their fantasy. In the age of Internet piracy, we are proud to offer a Virtual Reality experience that can’t be copied. Our product adds a whole new dimension to adult entertainment by making users feel like they are really there. We aim to always remain at the forefront of the virtual reality porn revolution, and we are doing so by providing the only live webcam site to offer its users a virtual reality experience.

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ForbesKing of the VR webcams charge is
ForbesAliceX’s girls all adhere to tropes of beauty
CosmopolitanAliceX is simply taking this whole operation to the next level
CosmopolitanI really feel like this girl is in the room with me



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