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ForbesKing of the VR webcams charge is
ForbesAliceX’s girls all adhere to tropes of beauty
CosmopolitanAliceX is simply taking this whole operation to the next level
CosmopolitanI really feel like this girl is in the room with me

A New Dimension

Live dual-video stream, an enhanced field of view, real-time audio communication, and the ability to look around 360° - AliceX enables a new level of immersion, that has never been experienced before.

It's for Everyone

Accessing virtual reality (VR) has never been easier. AliceX runs in your browser. We support a wide range of smartphones and devices. No app, no installs, no hassle!*

*Note that HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require unstable browsers that may not work as expected and that may break at any time. We can't guarantee a flawless experience. Use at your own risk.


What is VR (Virtual Reality)?

Virtual Reality (VR) can be defined as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated life-like experiences. The simulation usually allows some kind of interaction in the virtual world.

Where can I get the app?

There is no special app required. AliceX runs in your browser. However, due to the specific technical requirements, only Chrome 47+ is currently supported. In the browser use “Add to Homescreen” to make AliceX available from your phone’s home screen.

Where can I get a headset for my smartphone?

We offer a low-budget cardboard headset to test our product. You can order a more advanced model in our online shop for a better experience.

How much does the service cost?

You can test our product for free. Buy prepaid coins to unlock the full experience. Prices per minute vary depending on the show.

What about my privacy?

The site is encrypted. We keep your personal data private and secure at all times. We use trusted payment processors and don’t store payment information ourselves. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

I have a different question!

Please visit our help section for more information and assistance. Alternatively you can make use of our contact form.